Rusty Kontos

author of Mafia Queen

Publication Date

When twelve-and-a-half-year-old Nickole Martino's best friend Sally Malone is brutally murdered in a park in Bedville, Illinois, in October of 1938, Nickole is devastated. The two girls did everything together and shared their innermost secrets. But Sally's murder is just the beginning of Nickole's nightmare. A late-night trip to the hospital in Chicago to visit a dying man turns her life upside down.

Nickole discovers the truth about her birth and her real father, Nick Colletti, a man deeply affiliated with the mob. When Colletti dies, Nickole stands to inherit his money and his estate. But before Colletti can die a natural death, someone pulls the trigger. Nickole vows to stop at nothing to avenge not only her father's murder, but Sally's as well. What follows is a trail of crime and terror that frightens even the heartiest of the mob men.

A story of crime and revenge, Mafia Queen follows Nickole Martino as she shows everyone who's boss.